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Communication Clients utilizing TCP/IP Berkeley Sockets
EDI exports
Large Scale HL-7 Conversion Software Development
Microsoft ASP.NET Framework Development
Application Development Services
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Microsoft Visual Studio
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C, C++, and C# Development
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Understanding, deploying, and maintaining healthcare technology solutions in today's fully integrated healthcare computing environments can not only be challenging and complex, it can have wide reaching inter-organizational and patient care impacts. This is where Glassman Consulting Services operates and is comfortable. Our consultants are well versed and disciplined in a wide variety of today's leading healthcare software and data management tools and are well positioned to meet tomorrow's technological challenges.

Application Disciplines & Services

Whether your facility requires a full scale on-site application review or only requires a remote question answer session with one of our highly skilled consultants, GCS is here for you. The choice is yours.

Development Project Examples

. Balancing
Designed and developed balancing software to support SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) compliance using ASP .NET, C#, and VB. Client specifications required the merge of multiple .txt files from foreign systems, parsing the data into SQL tables, and the development of software audits and reports to identify discrepancies and data outliers. Process runs with a user interface or as a scheduled job with parameters.

. Conversions
Designed and developed data conversions for the financial and clinical systems upgrades using ASP .NET and VB. Project involved the reading of SQL tables, parsing the data and re-formatting it into .txt files for import into the HIS system. Process runs with a user interface.

. Archiving
Designed and developed a custom archiving system using ASP .NET and C# tools for the export/import, view and update of an SQL database for archiving. System requirements included the import, scrubbing and merging of disparate .txt and .doc files for parsing and upload into SQL tables. Application screen development allowed the viewing of data, data entry/update and reporting across the client intranet.

Application disciplines include:
Patient Accounting
   Patient Billing
   Third Party Party Insurance Billing
   Electronic Billing & Remittance Advice Posting
   Revenue Cycle Management
   Credit & Collections
   Accounts Receivable
   Agency Bad Debt
Admitting Registration
   Census Registration
   Patient History
   Medical Records
General Accounting
   Accounts Payable
   Materials Management
   Budget Management
   Human Resources/Payroll/Time Management
Order Management
   Order Entry
   Order Communications Print Set-up
Information Systems Management
   Systems Security

Services in these areas include:
  • Process Improvement / Efficiency Reviews / Audits
  • On-site Project Management and Planning
  • Interface Design, Testing and Implementation
  • New Application Design and Implementation
  • Conversion Planning, Preparation, and Implementation