As a full-service information technology provider, GCS' existence depends on our ability to rapidly meet the ever-changing technology needs and demands of our clients. Since our founding in 1991, we have continued to add quality services and earn loyal customers by consistently pursuing these basic client focused strategies.

  • Provide high quality programming and consulting services at reasonable rates.

  • Deliver software and services on time, every time.

  • Utilize only the most talented technical staff in the industry, equipped with years of software development skills and Healthcare Information Systems expertise.

  • Minimize travel expenses by offering remote programming services. We refer to this as our "Code From Home" strategy.

  • Deliver all of the source code and documentation to our clients. This strategy puts you in control of your software, not vice versa.

  • No recurring support fees. Provide support when you request it. We have no recurring support fees for the custom software we develop.

  • Personalize customer service.

  • Guarantee client satisfaction with the products we offer, the custom software we develop, and the services we provide.