GCS Archive

Now available is the GCS Archive, a Microsoft .NET web enabled archive product for Precision 2000® clients that need a permanent archiving solution for their legacy data. Click-on the link below for more information and sample screens of this product.


Quick View

Quick View is an extremely secure "view only" product for physicians, clinicians, and other authorized personnel to view Precision 2000 data quickly. The user can rapidly view patient information, census, orders, results, procedures, diagnoses, insurance, and other patient related data without ever having to navigate or know the Precision 2000 product. Quick View security includes an audit record being written for every transaction request and daily security reports.

"We have had zero problems with Quick View. I cannot say enough great things about the help and training on the product as well as the support that we have received from Glassman Consulting. Thanks again for all your hard work and effort your company has provided to our organization."

- Dave Harper, BroMenn Healthcare -

Interface Processor
A real-time modular interface component using HL-7 standards and TCP/IP communications protocol. Allows rapid development of two-way data exchanges with either an interface engine or point-to-point interface design models.

Epic Interface Services
3M APC Grouper Plus
TrendStar - Decision Support
ESI - Materials Management
Sunquest Laboratory
Cerner Laboratory
Cerner Millennium
Radnet Millennium
ADAC Radiology
SMS Radiology
Pyxis Pharmacy
QuadraMed Innovate GL Budget
QuadraMed Patient Costing
NACHA Payroll Direct Deposit
Time & Attendance Payroll
Hill-Rom Patient Bed Tracking
SoftMed Transcription Interface
Wisconsin Health Information Network (WHIN) Interface
HCIA (various state formats)
DKD/Medstat Ascent Managed Care
Stix Occupation Health Import Bridge
AIM (Iameter, Inc.)
Medical Artificial Intelligence (MEDai, Inc.)

Financial "Pulse" Reporting Package
At-a-glance Key Measurement Reporting for the finance department. Separate databases, screens, and reports provide critical "financial management" measures and budget information not available in the standard P2K product.

Down-time Admission/Registrations Module
PC based screens captures registration data during downtime procedures and automatically populates P2K when the system becomes available.

Quick Copy
This is our latest "must have" product. Quick Copy is a utility screen which allows the end-user to pick and choose a report or range of reports to be transferred from the host system to a directory/file on the PC. Unlike other third-party utilities that run from the command prompt and is managed by the IT department, this utility is controlled by the end-user. The Quick Copy screen incorporates Precision 2000 screen security and is easily accessed via a '99' screen or trans-link. This is an ideal end-user solution for diverting files from the print queue to the end-users' control and for historically archiving reports.

"Thank you very much! Many thanks! The utility is extremely useful and will be used frequently. I would suggest you pass this utility along to the other clients you work with who are using TPA; this is a major convenience, not to mention the time it saves."
- Paul Z., Florida Hospital Waterman -

Employee Health / Infection Control
The Employee Health subsystem helps HR track and report employee health records on-line and integrates seamlessly with the Precision 2000 HR application. Allows the same name/number lookup as the HR application and is fully parameterized via code table maintenance screens. Once an employee is located on the Employee Health Main Menu screen, the user can branch to the following screens:

Immunizations - tracks vaccine and dose administration
Hepatitis B - tracks Hepatitis B vaccine administration information
Absent/Illness - tracks employee absentee detail
Worksheet - tracks infection exposures and treatment records