GCS Archive - Product Information

The extracting and permanently storing of the Precision 2000® legacy data is often a project that receives attention just prior to the plug being pulled on the old hardware. Someone in the business office or medical records area asks how they can obtain access to the decade or more of patient data after the legacy system is permanently turned-off. Short of converting all of the detailed historical information from the old system into the new system, it becomes a problematic situation due to the large volumes of data that have been amassed over a decade or more of Precision 2000® system usage. In order to meet regulatory requirements, hospitals have a need to keep Patient Accounting and Medical Records data accessible for a minimum of seven years. To address this pressing need for access to the legacy information, Glassman Consulting Services, Inc. has developed the GCS Archive.

The GCS Archive is an archival solution that provides continued access to historical Patient Accounting data for billing and medical records personnel. Detailed biographic, demographic and financial data are retained permanently in view only screens. Built on Microsoft Windows SQL 2000 with .NET Framework technology, the browser enabled archive tool makes deploying the system to the end-users simple. Users with access to an internet browser and appropriate security access may view the GCS Archive data.

The GCS Archive allows the end-user to rapidly query the data via intuitive web-enabled screens to find the information they need. For example, the end-user can do a patient search by a combination of name, history #, SSN# or DOB. Once a user locates the patient account, they can go to the account overview and query from there to additional account level information (e.g. patient charge inquiry, payments/adjustment, patient notes, insurance, etc.). This approach will allow end-users to dynamically look-up accounts and view the archived data in web-enabled screens. The screens are organized and presented in an easy-to-use format, requiring minimal training. All archived data within the GCS Archive is view only with no changes being allowed in order to permanently preserve an accurate historical copy of the archived data.

The Microsoft SQL Server database allows dynamic reporting via may industry standard client/server reporting tools. System access and security is provided by standard Microsoft local groups. We can also work with domain groups or active directory to further enhance the GCS Archive security, if needed.

The advantages of using the Microsoft ASP.NET Framework are numerous and will allow the end-users to view the archived Precision data via their web browser and in a format that is familiar to them. Since it is browser based, all software and data exist at the server, so there is no need to deploy software or data to the end-user pc. Screens have been designed to provide the end-user with an intuitive navigation. End-user reporting will be available via industry standard tools as the data will be stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Screen Shots

The following are sample screen shots found within the GCS Archive . Click-on the thumbnails to enlarge.

Encounter View
Encounter View
Account Overview
Account Overview
Charge Inquiry
Charge Inquiry
Biographic Info
Biographic Info

Technical Requirements

The GCS Archive product runs on Windows 2003 Server. The product runs Microsoft's web server (IIS) Internet Information Server, with a Microsoft SQL Server Database.

The GCS Archive was developed using ASP .Net pages and has been tested with the Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 browser or higher. We have not tested Netscape functionality. The product uses local groups in order to validate end-user access to the various applications in the system such as Patient Accounting or Medical Records. We can also work with domain groups or active directory if requested. Hardware requirements will depend upon the number of end-users and the volume of data to be extracted. For required Microsoft product licenses, links below will direct you to pricing:

Microsoft Windows 2003 Server R2 (REQUIRED)

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 License Standard Edition (REQUIRED)

Implementation Services

Services will be provided in the following steps

1. GCS will provide resources to deliver and implement the GCS Archive software on the GCS server.
2. GCS will deliver, install and execute the Base QTP Extract Software. This software will run against the Precision 2000® data and extract the Archived Files for formatting and the load of the legacy data into the GCS Archive.
3. Data scrubbing and Loading will be required in order to import "clean data" into the GCS Archive.
4. Remote assistance with GCS Archive security set-up for the client designated project leader.

Archived Files

The following Precision 2000® Files will be extracted and loaded as part of the base GCS Archive install. Additional Precision 2000® files and/or custom files can be loaded into the GCS Archive at additional costs.


Additional files can be delivered for additional costs and are as follows:

Accounts Payable Files
Ap-Check-Search Inv-Header

General Ledger Files

HR / Payroll Files

The following screens will be delivered with the base GCS Archive install.

Patient Accounting / Medical Records - Entry Access
Patient Search
Episode Search
Guarantor Name / Number Search
Patient Biographic Information
Next of Kin
Patient Notes
Patient Comments
Account Overview
Account Detail Activity
Patient Charge Inquiry
Guarantor Master
Medical Record Overview
Clinical Abstract Data
Service Item Master
Service Item Pricing
Panel Charge Master
HCPCS/CPT4 Maintenance
Alternate HCPCS Codes

* Optional screens are as follows:
Accounts Payable Screens
Vendor Search
Invoice Search
Check Detail Search
Vendor Master
1099 Accumulations
Vendor Notes
1099 Adjustments
Invoice Header Information

General Ledger Screens
Chart of Accounts
General Ledger Inquiry
GL Summary Journal Inquiry
GL Account Type Reconciliation
GL Statistics Master
GL Statistic Inquiry
GL Budget Master
General Ledger Parameters

HR / Payroll Screens
Employee Name Search
Department Search
Employee Biographics
Employee Benefits
Employee Taxes
Employee Positions
Employee Deductions
Employee Earnings
Employee Time History
Employee Position History
Employee Review/Event History
Payroll Entity Parameters
Code Tables

Windows Minimum System Requirements (Server)

Pentium IV 2.0 Ghz Processor or equivalent
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server R2 or higher
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (database)
1024 mb RAM
Disc Space 100 Gbytes
Secure access to server (VPN) with file transfer capability
Intranet access to server is required

  • Anticipating 5 - 10 simultaneous users at the hospital.

  • Hospital will run the .NET application software and archived data on a dedicated Windows server.

  • End-users will have an intranet connection to the GCS Archive server and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 SP1 browser or higher.

  • Additional Services and Options Related to the Archiving of Precision 2000® Legacy Data

  • Crystal Reports is the standard reporting tool for the GCS Archive. GCS can provide reporting services at additional costs or client may use any commercially available SQL Server database compatible reporting tools (e.g. Crystal Reports, Impromptu, Brio, etc.).

  • General Accounting data including Payroll, Human Resources, AP, and Inventory can be archived. This is an optional request.

  • The GCS Archive does not include the regeneration, storage and/or retrieval of claim images (UB92’s, 1500 Claims, Itemized Patient Bills, etc.) If Claim Images are required, we will provide this service as an additional project. Claims must be regenerated on the Precision 2000® system and stored permanently in a print image file. This will be a sub-task to the archiving of the legacy data. Please check with your Patient Financial Services Department to determine their needs and requirements. We will perform the claim regeneration process outside of the GCS Archive project. The claim regeneration project is commonly requested and we have completed it for many other Precision 2000® clients.

  • Additional information and pricing will be provided as requested.